Protect yourself, family, and your assets against injuries, heat, sunlight,
and UV rays, while maintaining the privacy you deserve.
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We manufacture and retail in customised co-created furniture.
We cater to residential and business clients looking to furnish a home or office space.
~ Commercial – Industrial – Residential ~ FIND OUT MORE
Why we are the best fit?

Expertise & Experience

We bring over 30 years on experience with our window tinting services and over 15 years with furniture manufacturing services. We aim to deliver success for clients and our business approach allows us to offer personalized solutions to each client.

Our story is like this, my father ran a window tinting company for 22 years, plus over 10 years as an employee prior. To keep the legacy of our family business, I (founder of Whiteball Creative Solutions) have decided to inherit his business under this company. Bringing both my father and his employees and the experience they accumulated over the years. This is to ensure the massive success of the business and its continuation.

Now, we’ll need your support to reach another 22 years and more.

Here’s what it means to work with us?

B-BBEE Preferential Procurement Points

Whiteball Creative Solutions is a Level 1 B-BBEE Company, which is also youth owned. Partnering with us will ensure that your organisation accumulate preferential procurement points for working with an EME that is 100% Black South African youth owned. It also means that your organisation is, seen as working collaboratively with the government in changing that status of the economy by empowering youth-owned businesses that employ and empower youth.

Our Services

Window Tinting 

Our services provide protection against sunlight, heat, UV rays, crime and danger of shattered glasses. We offer tint installation and tint removal in the commercial, residential and industrial areas.

Frosted & Vinal Tint
Reflective Tint
Smash & Grab Tint
Skylight Tint
Our Services

Furniture Manufacturing 

In partnership with one of the reputable, trustworthy, hardworking and creative partner, we offer furniture manufacturing that it minimalist, retro, contemporary, and modern. We cater to residential and business clients looking to furnish a home or office space.

Furniture Range
Set-up & Installation
Footprint & Capabilities


Only to name a few, our team has worked with the following companies.
As highlighted above, Whiteball Creative Solutions has inherited a family business which over the years has worked with many big and small brands. We bring the same team and leadership that has worked with these companies.