Our story:

My father ran a window tinting company for 22 years, plus over 10 years as an employee prior. To keep the legacy of our family business, I (founder of Whiteball Creative Solutions) have decided to inherit his business under this company. Bringing both my father and his employees and the experience they accumulated over the years. This is to ensure the massive success of the business and its continuation.

The provision of Window Tinting, Glass and Furniture is an extension of our core business services. Whiteball Creative Solutions is an Internet and ICT service company. With the new services, we bring over 30 years on experience with our window tinting services and over 15 years with furniture manufacturing services. We aim to deliver success for clients and our business approach allows us to offer personalized solutions to each client. The company aims to be a cost-effective and committed service provider at delivering high-value services with business-leading qualities and traits, and strive for constantly exceeding client expectations.

Led by founder Mr. Collen Lepulana, the company has helped some of South Africa’s small to medium businesses in multiple sectors, and with revenues close to billions realize their business goals. Through our consistent desire to add value in companies and provide the best work we can, we’ve seen companies start and grow in different sizes, and had the privilege of being part of their existence and growth. Having seen how dedicated and hard-working business owners are, we strive to exceed their work ethic and deliver amazing work that exceeds their expectation. We continue to invest in learning and empowering ourselves so we can offer more value to clients. We aim to deliver ideas and work that matters, deliver results and exceeds clients expectations.

B-BBEE Preferential Procurement Points

Whiteball Creative Solutions is a Level 1 B-BBEE Company, which is also youth owned. Partnering with us will ensure that your organisation accumulate preferential procurement points for working with an EME that is 100% Black South African youth owned. It also means that your organisation is, seen as working collaboratively with the government in changing that status of the economy by empowering youth-owned businesses that employ and empower youth.

Level 1 B-BBEE


One of the biggest concerns of companies, leaders and stakeholders is finding the right people and companies to work and partner with; They stress over issues like:

  • Can we trust this company/person?
  • Can they deliver as promised and on time?
  • Are they a good fit?
  • Do they have enough experience?
  • Is taking a chance on this partner worthy?

This issue concerns us too, and I want to stress that as a company, we are mindful of these issues, and we recognize the importance of relieving you of such worries. We promise and guarantee exceptional work ethic, professionalism and treating you with the utmost integrity. Being a company that’s almost 10 years old, building strong relations with you forms a big part of our company mission and philosophy.