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Sale and distribution of bulk fuel products, primarily Diesel from leading fuel companies such as Sasol, Engine, Caltex, Total, and BP

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We supply Diesel from leading fuel companies

One of our specialities is the sales and distribution of bulk fuel products, primarily Diesel at very low market prices. Our diesel is not blended, which means we do not mix with paraffin to increase the quantity to keep our prices low. Our fuel is purchase directly from leading fuel companies such as Sasol, Engine, Caltex, Total, and BP. We also provide all grades petrol and illuminating paraffin supplies directly to your premises within 48 hours from order placement.

More information:

  • We offer Diesel 50ppm
  • Tank and pump installation
  • We deliver from 1500 litres directly to your premises.
  • Prices a low and can be fixed for a period of time.
  • We offer non-blended diesel
  • 24 hour delivery turn-around time within Gauteng
  • Up to 48 hours turn-around time nationwide

Other products:

  • Petrol ULP + LRP 93
  • Petrol ULP 95
  • Illuminating Paraffin
  • Quality oils for your trucks


Our very low and competitive prices can be fixed for a while. This will depend on the quantity ordered per month and the duration of our supply. Fuel prices increase each month by law and regulations however, to ensure a healthy cash flow for your business, we can put together suitable prices and ensure scalable business for both parties.